Xp log

June 6th, Graul’s Barn and Rescue of Black Arrows
Each receive 6825 xp for successfully defeating Nailhead and Dire Wolf patrol after resting and coming back to the Graul Homestead, showdown with Mammy, Rukus and the 3 brothers in the kennel portion of the barn, freeing the last 3 survivors of the Black Arrows, and defeating/escaping the wrath of Biggin – the Ogre Spider.
Hero points awarded to each HoS for the freeing of the Black Arrows, 2 for Fidalgo for his combat strategy during the barn encounter and writing the weekly update.

April 24th, Assault on the Graul Homestead
Each receive 2050 xp for encounters with Lucky and Maulgro, Hucker and the Donkey Rats.

April 17th, Investigation and Graul Homestead
Each receive 3550 xp for successfully overcoming ambush set up by Rukus and the dire wolves. Investigation of the Graul homestead and taking out the Ogrekin Patrol of Crowfood and Nailhead (escaped).

April 27th, Journey to Turtleback Ferry
Each receive 2,635 xp for successfully defending the Matilda and her crew from the creatures in the Yondabakari and Skull rivers. Blackjack and Fidalgo a hero point for nice teamwork on dispatching the mosquito swarm by using an air elemental.

March 23rd, Closing of the Skinsaw Murders
Each receive 8,870 xp for successfully defeating Xanesha and solving the Skinsaw Murders. You have successfully saved Magnimar and with the Clock Tower battle you will be forever embedded in it’s urban legends. Hero points awarded to Fidalgo for saving DaBomb and intuitively kicking back the Bane arrows to Blackjack. Enderby for staying hidden and casting protection from evil which kept some bad things happening to Fidalgo.

January 27th, February 3rd and 18th
Each receive 2,240 xp for successfully casing the Foxglove Townhome and finding some key clues that lead you to the Seven Sawmill’s. Also clearing out the Seven Sawmill of the serial killer cultists and uncovering Justice Ironbriar’s evil and treasonous activities. Hero Points were awarded during game sessions.

January 13th and January 20th
Each receive 1,360 xp for successfully uncovering key clues, accomplishing the first steps of the Tandor Welk and surviving/defeating the faceless stalkers outside the Foxglove Townhome. No Hero points awarded during these to sessions. There will be opportunities coming.

July 2nd
Each receive 1,100 xp for defeating the Skavelings, Overcoming 1 haunt, discovering the fate of Redshiv Bilger.
Hero Points for Sethanon (discovering the secret entrance/exit), Durrum for combat tactics in luring away the Savelings, and Mezzano for figuring out how to destroy a Haunt.

June 25th -
Finishing off the ghasts and figuring out that one of them was Rogors Craesby, Foxglove Manor caretaker, earned you 1284 xp. Hero point to Seth for uncovering a hidden underwater cavern in the well. Hero point was given to Enderby in game on the Foxglove Manor knowledge check when in Magnimar.

June 18th -
Completing the lumber contract, saving the few remaining farmers in Whisperwoods, and disposing of a number of ghouls earned you 1240 xp.

May 28th -
Cleaning out the Sanitorium and restoring order working with the Sandpoint cathedral earned you 1015 xp.

May 14th -
For the on-line investigation results and the last session you each receive 830 xp. Hero points for Enderby for convincing Erin Habe to pause his current experiments in order to see Grayst and to Durrum, Blackjack, and DaBomb for using non-lethal damage to subdue the Tiefling Orderlies.

April 30th-
You receive 1515xp for the session and Fidalgo receives a Hero Point for using Feint in the battle with the Wisps – this reduced their armor class by 9. A hero point for Seth for convincing and brokering a deal with the Valdemar’s and the mill in Magnimar.

April 23rd-
You receive 1125xp for completing Thistletop and defeating Malfeshnekor without giving up an appendage. All receive a hero point for completing a major milestone in RotR and Fidalgo receives a hero point for scribing the last couple of updates and organizing activities outside of game night.

April 9th-
Your receive 350xp for altering plot lines to help with the Kajitsu’s family reputation and finding the entryway to the hidden chambers. Hero Points awarded to Enderby for the diplomacy at the Valdemar Mansion and to Durrum for finding the hidden slots that gained access to the hidden chambers.

April 2nd-
Your receive 1335xp for clearing the crypt of Shadow Mastiff’s and overcoming the Giant hermit crabs in the collapsed treasury room Enderby was awarded 2 hero points for securing the escape as a number of the group did not save versus the Shadow Mastiff bay’s.

March 19-
Your receive 700xp for killing Nualia and her Yeth hound pets. No experience awarded for overcoming the trap.

March 12th-
Your receive 1543xp for the taking out Bruthazmus, Lyrie, Yeth Hounds, and the Tentamorts. Defeating Orik and letting him leave gained the experience as if you killed him. He owes you one which you may be able to cash in on in the near future. Mezzano and Enderby receive hero points as they came through big time in the battle of Lamashtu’s Chapel .

March 5th-
Your receive 2085xp for the taking out the remaining Thistletop commandos, diverting the goblin dogs, freeing the Shadowmist horse, defeating Ripnugget and his elite guard and warchanter, finding treasure chest and the secret entrance to the lower level.

February 26th-
Your receive 1440xp for the taking out the Bunyip and clearing the Thistletop Stronghold defenses. (12 goblin commando archers, 6 dogs, 1 Bunyip, and handling the bridge to Thistletop Island.) Hero point for Sethanon and DaBomb as they kept the tower archers busy just long enough to win the battle.

February 19th-
Your receive 1830xp for the clearing out the briars bordering Thistletop. This includes Gogmurt and Tanglefoot the Chief of the Mosswood tribe.

February 12th-
Your receive 950xp for the goblin horde ( Warchanter, 2 commandos/dogs, 5 Thistletop Goblins, 5 ? Goblins) and the dog kennel (8 Dogs) battles. Blackjack and Durrum receive a Hero Point (Thassillonian coins, Warchanter).

January 29th-
Your receive 750xp for the goblin encounters and unlocking knowledge of Nettlewood. Durrum and Fidalgo receive a Hero Point.

January 22nd-
Your receive 850xp for the Vargouille battle and deactivating the Minor Runewell in the cathedral of wrath.

January 15th-
Your receive 1350xp for the battle in the Cathedral of Wrath (8 Sinspawn, Erylium and Koruvus).

All members receive a hero point for not only surviving but eliminating Erylium and Koruvus.

December 17th-
Your receive 1000xp for the battles in the Catacombs and Cathedral of Wrath.

Blackjack receives 1 hero point for taking on a couple of Sinspawn redirecting their attacks from a fallen Da Bomb. Fidalgo receives 1 hero point for absorbing the majority of the spells cast by the Quasit Witch Queen Erylium (plus urinating in their place of worship should earn you something).

November 20th-

You receive 820xp for clearing out the Glassworks, slaying Tsuto, and rescuing Ameiko.

All receive 1 hero point for the session. Da Bomb receives an extra hero point for creatively killing Tsuto just before he escaped back to Thistletop to reunite with Nualia. Together they would have been a formidable duo to take down.

November 13th-

You receive 700xp for the different encounters and situations you resolved.

Durrum and Fidalgo receive a Hero Point for the role playing of the Hagfish Challenge and surviving the challenge.

November 8th-

You receive 800xp which includes saving Sandpoint from it’s 2nd great fire (which seems opposite of what normally happens with this group).

Overnight your names become well known throughout the city and surrounding areas.

The potion is a cure moderate wounds.

Xp log

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