Rise of the RuneLords

The Adventure Begins

We found ourselves in the quiet yet robust town of Sandpoint the day before the annual Swallowtail festival.

Was it fate, a desire for riches, or a need for adventure that 4 humans, a Dwarf, and a fuzzy red dog-like creature name Rumpus formed a fellowship. We have diverse talents, personalities, and backgrounds but struck up a friendship and common bond as we discussed the recent goblin incursions around the city. Our company consisted of

BlackJack LeBlanc
Durrum Grumblestone
Mezzano “The Judge” Corgano

Introductions were courteous, and straightforward – we wanted to hunt goblins. With the town preparing for the Swallowtail Festival we decided to spend the night and partake in the festivities. Sheriff Belor Hemlock asked our group to help support him in keeping order during the festival. We agreed to break-up fights and move any drunks away from the families enjoying the festival.

The turnout for the festival was nothing short of fantastic. Families, visitors, and food vendors all turned out on this glorious day. Sheriff Hemlock and Father Abstalar Zantus kicked-off the noon festivities with speeches. During one of the speeches a shrill chanting and screeching sound went up within and around the crowd. That sound was very distinct to several of us, goblins were near, they had numbers, and they were here to cause trouble.

The goblins moved in and among the crowd very quickly, stirring up terror, yelling their chant, dodging, and were hard to spot as we prepared to engage. As the crowd panicked, and thinned out, our targets became easier to spot. Working efficiently with bow, melee, and the arcane arts, our group took out 9 goblin fighters and a war chanter near the cathedral.

Enderby remained in contact with the Sheriff Belor with his communication magic. We were informed that goblins were attacking north of our position. We moved north and encountered additional fighters, a goblin commander and a several goblin dogs. We witnessed pets being killed by the goblins, carts and buildings being ransacked, and citizens being terrorized and attacked. We move quickly to engage this group as a local merchant/citizen was caught in the fighting.

Again, working together our group took out this group of goblin dogs, fighters and a commander. It was no entirely clear what the goblins intentions were. Perhaps this was a preraid or probing attacking to determine the town’s readiness. Perhaps it was a rogue group of goblins splintered off from a main group. Maybe they were after supplies, foodstuffs, or just wanted to raise some hell. BlackJack LeBlancwas not able to determine the tribe of this raiding party.

After we routed the goblins we helped secure the city as the area was cleaned up and goblin bodies were removed and most likely burned outside of town as a warning. We searched the bodies for any intelligence as well as any items we could utilize. We then sought assistance from High Priest Zantus to cure some of the wounds we received.

The aristocrat we saved Aldern Foxglove was very grateful. We were not able to save Aldern’s pet but we moved him to safety. Ameiko Kaijitsu was grateful for our assistance and offered us the hospitality of the Rusty Dragon with a free week of accommodations.

Sandpoint - More Than Meets the Eye

Boneyard Crypt

While resting for the evening, we were approached by Sheriff Belor and two guards. One of the crypts in the cemetery behind the cathedral (called the Boneyard) had been broken into. Sheriff Belor and Father Zantus were very concerned and asked us to investigate.

We approached the vandalized crypt, and Durrum immediately noticed goblin tracks around the Crypt of Father Ezakien Tobyn a long respected priest of Sandpoint. The heavy stone door on this 10×20 crypt was off its hinges. Durrun and Fidalgo made the first move into the crypt and they encountered several undead – skeletons and zombies.

The undead were not tough but our weapons were not fully effective. After taking out the undead we found the crypt empty, someone or thing had removed the body of Father Tobyn.

A dark cloak was found on the floor of the crypt, it had an aura pf necromancy magic, and appeared to be used up. Mezzano “The Judge” Corgano believed it to be a robe of bones. We discovered tracks around the crypt and they lead of north from the crypt but they were 12 hour or more old.

Mass Murder

We learned about a wave of mass murder from Belor involving Jervas Stoot, who was a woodman and also known as The Chopper. Jervas built a house and long steep staircase on Chopper’s isle which is located north of the light house. The townsfolk ripped up the steep staircase on the island and burned down his house.

Swallowtail Festival


While attending the ending ceremonies of the Swallowtail festival Enderby caught the eye of Shayliss Vinder. Shayliss asked for assistance with some rats in her father’s store. Things got a little too frisky in the basement and when her father Ven investigated Enderby had to make a fast exit. Shayliss and her sister KatrineOur reputation took a bit of a hit in town as the gossip pump was fully primed.

Time to Lay Low

As the Enderby fling was making its way around town we decided to investigate an old lighthouse. The old light house had been there for a millennium and was damaged and in bad shape. There was nothing of interest in the old light house. Durrum confirmed the lighthouse had sunk by swimming below the structure.

Aldern Foxglove/Boar Hunt


Later that day while relaxing we found our friend Aldern Foxglove. We shared some drinks and then Fidalgo and Durrum took to some hagfish drinking. The next day we traveled to tickwood and did some boar hunting. Aldern was surprised how well we did hunting boars from horseback. A pair of boars attacked and they became breakfast, lunch and dinner. The boar meet was cooked down into a soup and Ameiko and her father had an argument – we delivered some soup to the Mayor.

Barrett Family Home

A family asked us to check out their home and we found a dead human (Alagast Barrett) with his face chewed off and we found a goblin living in a hole in one of the back bedrooms. After subduing the goblin we interrogated him and received some good information. After the interrogation we heard that “she was here” that turned out to be Shalelu Andosana, and elven warrior and hunter of goblins.

Later that night while sleeping at the rusty dragon Ameiko’s servant brings us a letter.

The Glassworks

The Glassworks Investigation

We reviewed the note signed by Tsuto and decided to investigate the meeting at the glassworks. We arrived at the glassworks at the break of dawn. The factory was locked up and the furnaces were active. We followed the information on the note and knocked out the assigned code – 2 knocks, followed by 3 followed by 1 on the delivery entrance door. There was no response and we tried it several times. We used this code on several doors to no avail.

Fidalgo, Durram, and Blackjack worked their way around the factory and it was locked up tight. We soon realized our adventuring company lacked the proper skills to silently and efficiently enter the locked factory, so we had to result to pure force on one of the doors. We forced open the door which opened up in the furnace and glass working area – due to the noise from the furnaces we had surprise on the dozen or so goblins we encountered.

Battle at the Glassworks

We encountered a number of frenzied thistletop goblins in the glassworks. The area was crowded for battle so we jumped from table top to table top to maintain a good line of site and combat advantage when possible. Fidalgo set up as an anchor on our line of defense and continued to antagonize the goblins to attract attention. We used melee and range weapons to whittle down the goblin group.

We saw that a number of glassworks employees had been massacred in this area, and to our dismay we found Lonjiku Kaijitsu, tied to the furnace and beheaded. Just at the battle was turning in our favor, Tsuto Kaijitsu arrived with a group of goblins. Apparently Tsuto Kaijitsu was involved with the goblins as he commanded them to engage us in battle, and they did not hesitate.

Tsuto is a very accomplished fighter as he used open hand attacks with a number of combat moves. The battle was beginning to turn on us as the new goblins rallied and Tsuto moved through our ranks. Blackjack, Fidalgo, and Da Bomb focused on melee attacks. Fidalgo took a critical hit that stunned him for some time and Blackjack followed with a great sword power attack that hit Tsuto for some great damage. Da Bomb had taken some time to heat his sword in the glass furnace and he was now hitting for physical and fire damage. Tsuto started a long retreat through our lines with a series of impressive tumbles. Tsuto luck ran out on the final tumble as he was hit by Da Bomb that took him out.

Lower Level Tunnels

With the goblin battle finished we investigated the lower level to determine how the goblins entered the glassworks. We found an underground storage area to the glassworks as well as what appears to be a recent tunnel. We also located Ameiko Kaijitsu who had been kidnapped by Tsuto. She was injured and needed our assistance.

We did not immediately inform Ameiko about her father’s death. We moved her to the cathedral for some additional healing and we informed Father Zantus of the events at the glassworks. Father Zantus assisted in breaking the news to Ameiko about her father as well as her ½ brother Tsuto.

Surprising Information

We heard from Father Zantus that Father Tobyn’s daughter Nualia did not die in the fire as suspected by the town. Nualia has something to do with the goblin raids.

Seven Deadly Sins
The First Sin: Wrath

First thing we level up and do some business in town. We sell off our excess loot & goblin ears, and stock up on half-price healing potions at the temple (thanks Blackjack). We deposit Ameiko in the cathedral, and Durrum dutifully agrees to nurture her back to full health at the expense of some xp. The rest of us assemble into marching order and set off into the goblin tunnels. We warn the town guard to keep watch over the glassworks in case we don’t come back alive, or in case we get distracted by some shiny side-quest dungeon down there…

We follow the well-traveled tunnel as it traces under the city. It seems to pass under the main military building (the armory or barracks?), and continues on in that direction. However, we also encounter a dusty side passage with a scant few “longshanks” footprints coming and going. Curious, we enter the tangent. Almost immediately, the spellcasters experience an intense magical field, manifested as an emotion: wrath.

Unable to resist the lure of buried treasure (Mezzano was salivating), we decide to poke around a bit before continuing after the (frankly destitute) goblins. We smooth over some dust at the intersection (to see if any war parties will pass us by) and investigate the weird magical field. And thus we encounter our promised “deadly sin”.

After a few twists and turns, we come upon a trio of demons. They are identified as “ Sinspawn”, and their successful strike may cause the victim to be overwhelmed by crippling thoughts of wrath. Battle is joined and the heroes of Sandpoint are victorious. Still curious, we explore deeper and find a storeroom filled with long-broken pottery and provisions.


Next comes the entrance to a defiled temple dedicated to wrath. We find a red statue of Queen Alaznist, one of the seven ancient Runelords (each associated with a deadly sin). She stands boldly in the entrance, weilding an adamantine ranseur in one hand and holding a sculpted book in the other. We disarm her and cross the threshold.


Another side passages (we like those) leads to a small shrine room. There is a black altar with a bowl of muddy fluid. We inspect all of this but leave them alone. More interesting is a double door adorned with the pure symbol of wrath. Fidalgo urges everyone to stand back, braces himself, and opens the door.

…And stumbles into the main temple and the climax of this side-quest! A quasit mini-boss (Erylium) sneers a challenge to the intruder, and Fidalgo tries to bluff that he’s looking for the latrine. The quasit hisses and drips some of her blood into an orange pool of the raised Sanctuary; three sinspawns emerge. As if that wasn’t enough, the quasit then gates in a pair of Lemure Devils. Desperate battle is joined.


The heroes hold their lines while Mezzano and Enderby fling magical inconveniences into the foray. Dabomb, Blackjack and Rumpus wear down the troops, while Fidalgo absorbs many of the boss’s magical attacks (a witch’s brew of hold person, curses, and at-will invisibility). Finally pressing forward, Fidalgo erupts onto the Sanctuary and swings wildly at the Quasit. She ignores him, and focuses on the engagements down on the main floor.

Angry at being snubbed, Fidalgo whips IT out and whizzes into the orange pool (Thus diplomacy has probably been removed from the table). The Quasit wails in fury and thrashes at the fighter. Fortunately her backup troops have dissolved and she is quickly surrounded by the party. Without warning she seems to disappear, leaving the party in control of the Sanctuary. We take a breather and begin to plan for the inevitable arrival of reinforcements.

Erylium Strikes Back!
Cathedral of Wrath Massacre

The Heroes of Sandpoint survive an epic battle against Erylium and Koruvus (goblin chieftain of the Seven Tooth tribe in Shank’s Wood) and their allies. The battle was not without loss as both Fidalgo and Da’Bomb fell during the massacre. The heroes hurried back (sort of) to the Sandpoint cathedral for healing from Father Zantus and let him know of the hidden caves and catacombs.

erylium.jpg Things you found out:

  • The catacombs and cathedral was built by the followers of Runelord Alaznist a long time ago.
  • It seems the followers of Lamashtu have taken over the catacombs.
  • Erylium seems to have figured out how to use the ancient cold lava runewell to create Sinspawn.
  • The runewell seems to be powered by souls from slayed evil/wrathful beings.
  • A mutated Koruvus had joined Erylium but not sure for what?koruvus.png
  • There is still areas of the catacombs unexplored.
  • Quasit witches are a bitch to kill…..

You gain 1350 experience point and a Hero Point.

An Intriguing Offer
Campaign Notes from 01-29-14

You found a wealth of information in this session leading up to the potential infiltration and elimination of the goblin fortress Thistletop.

Ancient Treasures:
Thassilonian coins – found out that a few collectors from Magnimar are willing to offer 1200 gold per coin.
Wand of Shocking Grasp – Azlantian created – can not be recharged but is much more powerful than modern day wands. Those that use it can be stunned as the magic is more powerful and something that takes time to control.

The group decided to donate the coins to the capital library in Magnimar in exchange for viewing the ancient book and other items that pre date the Earthfall. This will take approxiamately 9 days.

The smuggler tunnels under sandpoint ran to the Catacombs of Wrath (which Durrum and Mezzano has bricked up), a branch towards the Turandarok River which was a dead end, and then the Northeast branch that extended a few thousand feet north of Sandpoint onto the cost. There was a secret door at the end of this branch and seems to be where some of the goblins entered Sandpoint. The town is commissioning to have Iron doors created to shut off the tunnels to the Glassworks factory and only use to evacuate townsfolk if needed.

Following the goblin and horsetracks from the smuggler tunnels you arrive at Nettlewood – home of Ripnugget and the Thistletop goblins. The thistles are potent as a few party members have some temporary dexterity damage. You come across a group of mounted goblin scouts and take care of them pretty handily. You then come across a camp built into the thistles containing 3 goblin commanders and a warchanter – this seems to be the next shift of scouts. The Blackjack succumbs to hideous laughter leaving Durrum alone to battle all four goblins. Durrum takes a few hits and fakes death as the rest of the party engages. The warchanter escapes and while making camp for the night you hear a number of horns (from east, north, and west). Search squads looking for you. As they get closer you decide to return to Sandpoint not feeling comfortable taking on 3 goblin hordes.

The next morning you are summoned by Mayor Deverin and the Sheriff to meet them at the town hall. The sheriff informs you that he was able to acquire 8 experienced guards from Magnimar and has 3 new volunteers from town. He should be able to work the shifts and rotate the resources so that 8 guards are on duty 24×7. Mayor_Deverin.jpgMayor Deverin lets you know that Titus Scarnetti has petitioned the Mercantile League to evict the Lonjiku’s membership due to treason against the town of Sandpoint. She asks that you try to convince the Valdemar family to side with the Lonjiku’s in order to split the vote and at that point Mayor Deverin would be able to make the decision on eviction. But the main reason the Sheriff and herself has summoned you here today is to recruit you. She explains that she is not a patient person and will not let Sandpoint be a target. She wants you to take care of the goblins. She offers each of you 500 gold. As you accept she hands each of you a small jewelry container that has a necklace – she states that this should help in your time of greatest need. She also turns very angry (as red heads will) and demands that after defeating Thistletop she wants you to burn it. She wants a pillar of fire so high that the Bugbears of Devils Platter and the Worgs of Whisperwood Marsh see this in the midnight sky and will know that if you f@#$ with Sandpoint death will find you.

It’s early morning – you are guessing Thistletop is still on alert from the previous night. Discuss what you plan to do, items you need to purchase, and if you are going to wait to attack Thistletop.

You received 750 xp. Both Durrum (finding secret door) and Fildago (disbelieving ghost sound) receive a hero point.

Greased up and ready to go

The heroes of Sandpoint take a day to sleep in and shop around town. Durrum and Fidalgo put out a request to meet with the mysterious agents who are coveting our Thassalonian coins. We loiter at the Hagfish hoping to see them, but they never show.

… at least, not there! Across town, Mezzano is leaving his ancient history book club when he gets jumped by a couple of darkly dressed bad guys. One of them is speaking in drow. Fortunately, Mezzano wasn’t carrying the ancient coins with him, and he escaped with his life. The ninja took a few CLW potions and Mezzano’s book of ancient evil monsters.

Back in the bar, we meet a new fellow, Sethanon, a rogue/druid who knows a little about our plight. He says some wealthy family in Magnimar is coveting our coins, and we’re in their crosshairs. We invite this Sethanon to join us (even though we know shockingly little about his intentions and background).

Mezzano chimes in to the rest of the group: “I can promise you. If I see those dark elves again, I’m going to smash them on the head. And then after they take the CLW potions they stole from me, I’m going to smash them on the head a second time.”

We buy some greasy salves that should help us wade through the bristles and thorns between Sandpoint and Thistletop. We apply the grease to each other and Sethanon wonders “What the hell kind of party did I just join?” We vote to take the overland route to Thistletop and head out on foot.

Our two rangers and the druid help us find our way … With Sethanon scouting, we arrive at a goblin strongpoint. This starts a pretty big brawl with a few mounted Thistletop goblin commandos and a group of goblins from a different tribe. A warchanter tricks us with a silent image spell, but our fighters get in a solid groove and dispatch the goblins handily. One Thistletop gobo lets out a warning tone on his goblin horn, and another flees the battle on his dog.

We knock out one of the goblins, remove ears from the dead ones, and head out. We kinda left the unconscious goblin behind, forgetting to interrogate him. Soon we find ourselves in a network of thorny tunnels, too short for us to stand up properly. In the next area we find a deep shaft leading to a sea cave. After that, we walk into a kennel filled with goblin dogs. That battle goes very well for us. Around the corner is more movement, and we prepare to fight another foe.

Goblin Caves, Creepy Dark Holes, and One Funky Bridge

Our band continued with a cautious purpose as we explored the nettles and briar caves inhabited by the goblins. The movement was slowed as we moved in areas with a maximum clearance of 4’ or less.

Fidalgo lead the way with torch and tower shield, BlackJack and Durrum followed as we covered him with long bow and axe. Mezzano was ever vigilant and ready to unleash his magic.

We entered a T intersection and quickly spotted filtered sunlight coming in from the left corridor, we decided to move down the right cooridor. After inspecting a nest area that contained cat fur and small cat tracks Fidalgo cast some torch light into the next room and immediately entered a parlay discussion in goblin. Fidalgo made every effort to convince the goblin negotiator that we were to be trusted as well as perhaps the goblins savior – this was to no avail.

The master will have his way with you – leave now, pretty strong words for a goblin. We moved back to the T intersection and moved towards the filtered sunlight and once outside discovered a wood and rope-bridge leading to what was a large wooden fortress on an island. The bridge spanned 80’ above the coastal waters to a small island. The bridge swayed back and forth in the breeze and was most definitely build for small nimble creatures.


The fortress had walls at least 20’ high and 2 towers were visible what stood 30’. Goblin dogs, goblin riders, and archers were positioned on and around the fortress. The 5’ wide bridge was roughly 70 to 80 long made of wood, and rope, and it contained NO rope railing or handholds.

The goblins could clearly see us and did not make any attempts to engage us with their bows. The commanders continue to yell out – hold to the troops and they held their ground near the fortress.

We re-entered the caverns while Durrum watched the bridge and began to cut one of the bridge ropes. We encountered some laughter from the group that parlayed with Fidalgo and we decided to enter and take care of business. We encountered the goblin leader of the Mosswood tribe by the name of Gogmourt. He was escorted by several additional goblin commandos and a well-trained and dangerous animal cougar companion named tangletooth.

Our first thought was that Rumpus had turned traitor and decided to side with the goblins as the cougar proved to be a worthy opponent fighter. Fidalgo moved in to the middle of the battle and forced the goblins hand. After several rounds of melee, range, and magic combat the leader of the Mosswood tribe fell. He appeared to be a druid of some power.

We moved the group back into the cavern area and we re-inspected the dark deep hole that lead to the water. We battled a large contingent of seven tooth tribe goblins who appears to be corralled up or hiding in one area of the cave. We cut through them very easily in the confined space of the cave. Several goblins tried to rush past us, and the 2 that did exited the cave only to be killed by arrows fired by the goblins from the fortress island. Fidalgo stood in the doorway to investigate and he took 3 arrows from a volley of 11. We had an idea to drop a few of the goblin bodies in the dark hole explored by Seth, and after hearing some eating sounds it became quiet.

The group agreed the bridge looked too inviting for us to just move across. The goblins were toying with us – firing arrows at the goblins and Fidalgo when they were away from the bridge, with no such reaction when near the bridge.

We exited the cave the same way we entered and Durrum climbed down the cliffs to near the coastal shore. We found a cave that we believe will lead towards or come near the hole from the cavern. We ended for the night.

The Assault on Thistletop is Put into Motion

Thistletop Assault Planning

We are faced with an interesting situation. The Thistletop stronghold is located on a small island connected to the coast by a flimsy wooden plank and rope bridge. The bridge is covered by 8 goblin archers and 4 roving goblin commandos riding goblin dogs. We scouted the bridge and goblin caves very well and Durrum created a small map to assist us with our assault plans.


Diversion and Indirect Route

We agreed the bridge to Thistletop island was the most direct route and most likely a dangerous one – we did not relish the idea of an 80’ fall into the coastal waters. An indirect route to the island was preferred as we planned to gain surprise or at least some advantage on the fort defenders. We decided to explore the 70’ deep hole located in the goblin caverns as a way to get to the island.

We heard guttural noises welling up from the darkness as we proceeded to drop 2 goblin and a goblin dog body into the hole – we waited. A series of disgusting gnawing and thrashing sounds rose from the darkness and then all was quiet. Sethanon was lowered by rope into the hole by BlackJack, DaBomb and Fidalgo. As Sethanon passed the into a larger cavern area a great howl thundered up from the darkness and instantly panicked Fidalgo and BlackJack. Both Fidalgo and Blackjack dropped the rope and quickly exited the goblin cavern. We also learned very quickly we needed a refresher course on how to tie off a rope.

Sethanon viewed a vicious looking creature called a Bunyip, fast in the water, agile for its size, a mouth filled with many teeth, and a horrendous howl.


Bunyip Lair

The assault on the Bunyip lair took its toll on our group. 2 of our companions were panicked and the remaining members at some point all fell into the bunyip lair. The lair proved difficult for fighting due to the amount of swimming and treading of water that was needed. The bunyip was in its element due to its swim and stealth ability. We inflicted some damage on the creature and forced it to retreat out an underwater cavern towards the island. We lost Rumpus when he stumbled upon the Bunyip and was sent back to his home plane. Enderby mourned the loss of his Eidolon and countered with summoning a water elemental which killed the beast. We regained our composure as Sethanon located and gathered treasure scattered about the lair. Most of the coins were found in the water. We rested, we healed up, we gathered our 100’ rope and decided to use the southern lair exit to swim to the island.

Swimming and Treading Water

Blackjack and Sethanon made the original swim to the island to scout the fort and island. We were clad in light armor and were able to make the difficult swim to the island. We scouted the area and communicated with our group by firing a note on an arrow. Dabomb, Fidalgo, and Durrum proceeded to swim the same route with Dabomb and Fidalgo leaving behind their heavier armor. The swim was not easy for this group. Wet, exhausted and cold we regrouped on the backside of the island to form our assault.

Assault on the Defenders -

Enderby and Mezzano came from the bridge side to distract the tower archers and they successfully navigated the bridge by running across one at time. Sethanon, climbed on the fort and attacked the archers on the southern tower. Dabomb climbed up and attacked the archers on the north tower. Durrum, BlackJack, and Fidalgo flanked around the base of the fort and attacked the goblin dogs and commands guarding the bridge and front door.

The battle was long and complicated but it went our way. The tower attackers Seth and Dabomb broke the concentration of the archers and were able to make opportunistic melee attacks. Enderby summoned a small earth elemental to melee with the goblin dogs and commands and then summoned an air elemental to help on the towers. Mezzano used his magic and fighting skills to weight into the battle. Durrum found his way around the northern corner of the stronghold and was faced with a sheer drop, he navigated the drop and engaged in melee from his location. We had a good plan that disrupted the goblins defenses and opened up opportunity attacks and flanking.

Fidalgo fought his way to the front door and ensured that no other defenders would come out to join the battle.

In the end we captured one of the archers, and began an interrogation to gain information. Fidalgo set his tower shield against the front door to keep defenders inside as we plan our next assault.

Fort Assault, Ripnugget, and a Discussion on Tactics and Next Steps

The Assault on the Fort

We took down the forts outer defenses and secured the towers and the front doors. Sethanon moved along the roof line and detected and investigated a loud muffled banging sound coming from the fort – Seth was not able to determine the source of the sound. Trap doors located in the floors of each tower presented a good opportunity to probe the fort. We weighed down the East tower trap door with goblin archer bodies and blocked the front doors with goblin commando and dog bodies. We planned to probe the fort from the West tower.

The goblin archer we interrogated provide some details on the fort layout – a kennel, barracks, trophy room, and throne room were roughly sketched out for the group. Sethanon, Fidalgo, and BlackJack started the probe of the fort from the south tower. A ladder leading down 20’+ down from the tower floor, we moved slowly and carefully. The area was dark and lighting was needed.

Rooms in the fort generally consisted of packed dirt floor, with well construction wooden walls consisting of driftwood used from ships found along the coast. Doors were random, some were locked, some were open, and others were jammed and needed superior strength to open.

DaBomb, Enderby, Durrum, and Mezzano made their way into the tight quarters of the tower.

Kennel – 8 goblin dogs were encountered in this area with loud barking – we backed out of the kennel area. Later we find additional doors in this and several dead goblins who appeared to be trampled by a hoofed creature. Upon return to the kennel we find a half starved and thirsty Shadowmist horse – the group offered water, grain found in the store room, and also use animal charm and wild empathy to calm the creature. We were able to lead the majestic creature to the trophy room and out the front door to graze.

Front Hall/Trophy Room – encountered several goblins in the main entrance area. The trophy room had a number of dog and horse heads as well as large wing or wings. The goblin battle was short lived and one tried to exit the front door. We found a dagger with a pearl handle and what appears to be harpy wings on the wall.

Barracks – the barracks area was off the main hall and contained filthy bedding.

Stairs Down – Sethanon found a set of stairs off the barracks leading below the fort, we noted this area on our map.

Throne room area – off the stair area we found the throne room. The throne room was covered in furs and pelts and had several trophies on the wall. The throne was on a raised area and there sat the leader Ripnugget. The room has 4 large pillars and the room is fairly open like the trophy room. Ripnugget starts a discussion while is mounts what appears to be a large lizard like creature. Sethanon, Fidalgo and Blackjack begin to enter the throne room and goblin commandos begin to drop from each pillar.

Melee begins in earnest. Ripnugget continues with the verbal taunts of attacks on SandPoint and also showed his skills of riding his animal companion Stickfoot. When Ripnugget and his creature climbs the wall we are caught by surprise. By this time the entire group is in the throne room. Durrun, Mezzano, and Enderby focus on trying to detect where the magic is coming from that is hindering our group – we suspect a warchanter is in the area but well hidden.

We knockoff the commandos in short fashion, and then take down the gecko and finally ripnugget. The warchanter is the last to go down as he is hiding behind the throne area. We find a set of keys on Rignugget as well as several other items.

Exploration of the Fort

We return to the kennel and using food product found in the storage area we coax the goblin dogs out of the kennel. We find a series of locked doors on this level of the fort and the keys found on Ripnugget allow us access.

We found the following as we explored the fort -

Rignuggets bedroom
Meat Storage room
Grain Storage room
Privy – with a secret door
Secret door to treasure room – large chest found with coin and items – we will keep the chest here for now
2nd Set of stairs leading down

While we were resting we recounted our battle tactics and strategy and discussed how adjust our strategies in the future. We must decide on what to do next.


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