Mezzano "The Judge" Corgano

A Magus that loves to explore ruins: seeking knowledge, power, wealth, & fame.


Mezzano “The Judge” Corgano

The room was dark, dank, rather noisy, and smelled like urine. But that’s to be expected on a Saturday afternoon in the local pub in Sandpoint. The pub was a small out of the way place, but apparently it had drawn quite the crowd with its reputation. There were all types of races in this bar, and they all seemed to be drinking heavily and apparently sweating heavily as well.

“Bah, this stench is so disgusting, but I need to go over these maps again. Perhaps someone here could guide me to The Sunken Queen or Crystilan? Hmm, there is a very knowledgeable ranger I know called Blackjack. He knows the lay of the land very well and can handle himself in sticky situations. I guess we shall see what the night brings this evening…”

“Ah, but where are my manners? People call me, “The Judge”. But where to start? Perhaps at the beginning of it all would be the place to start, eh?”

“I grew up in Windsong Abby under the kind tutelage of my foster father Gorion. He apparently knew my parents and how they died, but he never talked about it. I believe he wished me to be a monk in the service of the Windsong Abby, but I had other ideas and he knew that. I did enjoy reading the many books that were in the Abby, but this is where my interest diverted from that of my foster father.”

“I became interested in the many places and areas that I had been reading about in so many of those books. Places and people and all of the ancient knowledge that lay buried and forgotten. Not to mention any of the artifacts made by these long gone people. Imagine if you will, a spell or artifact that I could discover and bring to light again after all of these years! That would show these stuck up wizards a thing or two! This, this is what I was meant to do! I would be an intrepid explorer searching out the ruins of great empires and bringing forth their long lost knowledge and riches!”

“So, with my foster father’s blessing, I left for the Twilight Academy. Another place of study, but this time a place where I was studying: ancient history, magic incantations and spells! It wasn’t long till I made a few cursory ventures to and from other towns and places seeking some of this lost knowledge I had been reading about. But, for the more dangerous places I’m sure I’ll need to hire some protection. I had also picked up a fair bit of sword fighting skills as well, but sought more training mainly from Enderby’s cousin Fidalgo. Ah, I’ve gotten ahead of myself again haven’t I? Well, here’s a brief introduction to Enderby and his cousin Fidalgo:”

“The Academy is where I met the rather engaging and enigmatic Enderby and his pet Rumpus. Ah, all this stories I could tell you about this kindred soul. He and I had become friends over the course of our time at the Twilight Academy together. He was a gifted summoner and did quite well with the ladies. I preferred my books, but even I had been known to have an ale or two with him. Actually, I’m doing that as we speak, but he’s currently in the bathroom… again. We’re waiting for his cousin Fidalgo to show up. I think our luck will be changing soon though, I can feel it! This will show all of those haughty wizards!”

“Yes, I can hardly wait to get on with our explorations and adventures into places forgotten long ago and holding many secrets that need to be shown the light of day again. Not to mention all of the treasure as well. Hmm, perhaps we should hire ourselves a Dwarf to do the heavy lifting and guiding once we’re in some ruins? Never the less, I will advance in my field with the proper study and discovery of knowledge. I have pieced together some ancient history already about some of the local ruins, as well as reading and speaking a few languages that may come in handy.”

“This should, of course, come into play as we encounter more places and ruins left by the Thassilons and other ancient empires too, provided that we have the correct contracts from the proper authorities granting us access to these sites. I shall strive to get said contracts and quests from each of the towns and cities that we venture forth into. They do call me, “The Judge” after all because I’m quite versed in the laws of the various lands and am able to procure the correct documents and contracts. And, I will happily apply my skills in judging the wicked beasts in these ruins and on our travels. I tend to judge with my sword and spells alike, which my enemies seem to dislike for some reason.”

Mezzano "The Judge" Corgano

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