Rise of the RuneLords

Uncovering Ancient Secrets

Mezzano picked through the wreckage of Nualia’s chamber while Fidalgo was rescued from the pit. We took a night to rest and scavenge Sethanon’s wand of cure moderate wounds, and proceeded to use up a bunch of his charges. Discovering nothing about the Thassylonian lore, we decided to push onward. Across the hallway we found a giant pile of treasure that Sethanon had spotted earlier. We realized that it was an elaborate illusion, so we proceeded around the corner.

The next obstacle we came to was a large double door with a depiction of two macabre skeletons holding a skull between them. Pushing open the doors, we found an undisturbed burial chamber. Six sarcophagi held humanoids with faces twisted in agony from their moment of death. And their focus was a large stone statue of the Runelord of Hate himself. We fought a trio of shadow mastiffs, but not until after running away from them twice. Enderby was a hero by fighting off panicked grapple attempts by six party members!

Furthermore, Enderby found a secret door that we would have otherwise missed by using an earth elemental scout. On the other side: a passageway, a fork, and two separate ramps down (that required acrobatics checks to navigate). We set up a rope to help us go down one of the passageways, which led us to a door.

Fidalgo opened the door to find a partially collapsed and flooded chamber. There were paintings on the walls of a lost city, a version of this world’s Atlantis. Additional Thassylonian script covered the room. Looking underwater, Durrum spotted a possible trove of treasure. But did some of it move? Battle erupted as a pair of dire hermit crabs attacked! They grabbed and constricted most of the party fighters, but the spellcasters came running up for support. As the crabs were defeated, we discovered that BOTH hallways lead to this room, and we considered our next move.


Thanks for the write up Steve!

FYI: I believe that the Rune Lord statue that we found was of the Rune Lord of Greed: Karzug. And then there’s the hidden city in the Kodor Mts. which is called: Xin-Shalst.

Uncovering Ancient Secrets

The statue was Karzoug the Claimer – Runelord of Greed and Transmutation. The lost city is Xin-Shalast where roads were rumored to be paved of gold.

You receive 1335 xp for the session – Shadow Mastiffs, Giant Hermit Crabs, finding secret door. 2 Hero points rewarded in game to Enderby for securing the escape route when most of the group succumbed to the Shadow Mastiff’s bay. Also for the creativity in having the earth elemental physically pass through stone until finding a secret passage.

Here’s what you find in the pool:
Ton of silver (probably too much to carry – over 3000)
630 gold
40 precious stones
Magical Jade amulet
Large 5’ diameter helm made of gold (not sure how you will remove from pool – 300+ lbs).

The evil presence is still here – however it seems you can leave whenever you want.

Uncovering Ancient Secrets

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