Rise of the RuneLords

Thistletop Inferno

Shopping and Power Up

After the Shadow Mastiff and Giant Hermit Crab encounters the Heroes decide to heal up and rest overnight in the Observation Chamber. The team dredges the waters and pull up the massive helm made of Bronze and Gold. Initial appraisal is 3000 gold but since it’s from an ancient time it is probably more valuable to the collectors in Magnimar. The helm is carried up to the 1st level and stored in Ripnuggets War Room. They reach the surface and decide to speak to the Shadowmist. Another night of rest is taken. Knowledge from the Shadowmist:
1) From the North – Albock was his master and his name is Blackshoe.
2) Goblin horde attacked them and killed his master. He does not know how he came to be on the island. He had lost conscious many times as the goblins tortured him.
3) He is not comfortable crossing the bridge and will not jump to his death.
4) Is willing to wait a few days until the Heroes find a solution. He does not like the idea of a fire.

The heroes flood the Ripnuggets throne room with oil and set Thistletop afire. Blackshoe waits on the Northern side of the island hoping the wind keeps the smoke and fire from cooking him. The heroes use the bridge and return to Sandpoint. While in Sandpoint you accomplish the following:
1) Met with Mayor Deverin at the town hall and she rewarded you for burning Thistletop as the pillar of smoke could be seen miles away.
2) Learned the Scarnetti’s have filed the official declaration to evict the Kajitsu’s from the Mercantile league.
3) Met with Ameiko and Shalelu at the Rusty Dragon. Ameiko asked the Mezzano represent her in the upcoming judgement session of the Mercantile League. She has tried to read through the Charter but to her it’s like learning magic.
4) Massive celebration at the Rusty Dragon. Learned that a number of towns folk have started to turn away from Ameiko as the Scarnetti’s spread the news of her Family’s traitorous activities.
5) Met with the Valdemar patriarchs. The mother is takes in the story of Nualia and allows you to speak to Ethram who has been bed ridden for the past few months.
6) Ethram knows there’s bounties on his head from past adventuring. Scarnetti’s will value money/gold and power over everything else. This is how you can beat them. The Valdemar’s need their lumber at this time – unless another source is available it will be hard to vote against the Scranetti’s. They will spread the word to key Sandpoint individuals that the Kajitsu family was not responsible for the goblin attacks – he insists the Heroes will need to produce evidence to support this.
7) Also tells you that the Scarnetti’s offered to drop the eviction if the Deverin’s turned over the Mayorship to them (Kendra did not mention this deal when you initially talked to her).
8) Stop by the Sandpoint Cathedral to charge the CMW wand and purchase potions.
9) Find out that Orik Vancaskerkin has joined the Sandpoint Guard and has become Sheriff Belor’s right hand man.

You stop by the Goblin Squash Stables to unload the goblin ears. Way too much for Chod (Stablemaster) to pay for so he gives you credit for renting horses. He also says the Shadowmist horse is rare and very expensive. You rent horses an head to Magnimar to shop for items not available in Sandpoint.

After a day in Magnimar you return with your new items – Yeah!

You purchase more salve to deter the thistle plants and head back through Nettlewood to Thistletop. You find the fire still smoldering and it was so hot it burned the bridge supports and rope from the Island side. It hangs down to the sea. The majority of the island is scorched – Blackshoe looks relatively healthy but the fire has consumed most of what he can eat. After hours of trying Durrum swims to the other side and climbs to the top. You secure the bridge and cross.

You return to the 2nd level looking for secret doors. Durrum finds some small slots to each side of the pillar of ancient gold coins. You place a gold piece in each slot and the pillar spins and lowers into the ground revealing a chamber with 3 doors – 1 to the north, 1 directly across from you, and 1 to the south. Those that are affected by the “Presence of Evil” sense an excitement (Seth, Fidalgo, DaBomb, Blackjack).

“a massive army is pushing us back – these creatures are not of this time or world and how did Alaznist acquire this army so quickly. The Claimer has given us a task – we will hold the line – I will sacrifice my life if need be”

Malfeshnekor.png“make the beast talk – we need to gain an advantage against this Sinspawn army! The claimer has given me the most important task at the moment – I mustn’t fail or I will end up as the architects in the crypt. How can I get information from a creature so evil. Limbs have been severed. Eye’s have been removed – he still does not talk. Maybe a taste of good will help – the Holy Avenger may have a purpose after all.”

“you are riding the shoulder of a Huge giant riddled with runes. You fire your longbow relentlessly at the Sinspawn army as your drive them back. The battle has turned and you are advancing into Alaznist’s encampment. You along with the giant army reach a clearing where you see the fiery red headed Runelord standing alone with her ranseur. The Claimer approaches from the rear of the giant army with a sinister smile and a flaming glaive. The two approach each other defensively – as ranseur meets glaive you feel as though you’re falling – the earth below has given way – what is happening?”

You wake. Seth, Fidalgo, DaBomb, and Blackjack remember this dream as the pillar of coins is lowered. Each has a different variation but basically the same dream.

You each receive 350xp for various plot lines. Hero points for Enderby – diplomacy and starting to turn the tide on the Kajitsu rumors of being traitors in Sandpoint. Durrum for finding the secret coin slots to pass into the hidden chambers.


Great summary.

Thistletop Inferno

Wait…was my character present even though I wasn’t? Do I get this XP?

Thistletop Inferno

No – in spirit only. You had rested previously in the observation room after the Nualia battle which is where this dream would have occurred. You 4 were the ones that failed the Will save when entering this level of Thistletop.

Thistletop Inferno

Help me understand this dream, because it seems to say a lot about the cataclysm that brought down the rune lords.

Alaznist is the wrath deity and she was on one side with the sinspawn army. The claimer (karzoug?) is the deity of greed. He is the god behind the complex that we’re in now. Whoever was on team greed also had this army of giants on his side for the Last Battle. We seem to have acquired the helmet of one of their main giant leaders. Now this barghest was being held here in the Team Greed headquarters, and had been tortured … what side was he on?

Thistletop Inferno

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