Rise of the RuneLords

The End of Hiatus

On the Trails of Serial Killers, Pugs, and Egyptians

Fidalgo writes a letter and sends it to Magnimar. He spends a premium to get it there via some sort of Express messenger on a kind of galloping Pony—so that it arrives within a couple of hours—plus an equally expedited return trip. Maybe a few silvers or a gold piece (a gold as they’ll use/rent 2 horses so they don’t wear them down).

“Fellow Heroes of Sandpoint,

“Thanks everyone for the recent excitement and intrigue. I’m glad that we’re on the right path to put to justice the evils of the world, but I’m also a little disappointed that we got separated so easily! Let’s try to not let that happen any more, okay?

“Enderby has been safe throughout the first day of his silly ritual, breaking the news to the three sons and weathering the family’s drama. The older son was pensive and arcane, passing into a neighboring room and casting detect magic for some reason. Then the two younger brothers, when asked how they will mourn their father, gave Enderby instructions for a clandestine meeting. Finally the next trial was revealed to our Summoner: within five days he is to “patch the bridges” of the expired one, including making peace with the Scarnettis! Good luck with that!

“I spent the day patrolling near Enderby’s waypoints, but I had to recruit the sheriff in order to be allowed within earshot of the Valdemar manor. I did witness the two younger brothers, distraught, leaving the premises. And then not much later Enderby appeared on his way to deliver some messages for the old lady. Strange!

“Enderby’s tale suggests to me that something is brewing in the Valdemar family. He is meeting tonight with the two younger brothers, and I will do my best to be there for him if things go south. However my suspicion is that the whole episode will climax at the end of the week—on the seventh day of mourning—when this po-dunk hick town attempts to ritualistically murder, mummify, and entomb our compatriot along with the departed. Therefore I suggest that you return to Sandpoint AT THE LATEST by the sixth day. (Because it will be hilarious!)

“Finally, I seem to have sent you to go shopping in Magnimar without any of my local guidance or connections! I’m sure that you will get along just fine, but I will write some notes here to give you the tops of the waves. Feel free to visit that “Pug’s Contraptions” in the Alabaster District to investigate those bird cages. Also maybe pay a visit to the Foxglove Townhouse in order to search for the identities of the Foxglove heirs, and to find the instructions for the you-know-what ritual. Be careful and expect resistance at Foxglove’s; it seems unlikely that our enemies would leave important instructions unguarded.

Fidalgo then writes down what he knows about the nine districts, i.e. DM handout

“My messenger will now await your response and return with it to me in Sandpoint. Please reply with your news. Thank you.

“Your Fellow, Fidalgo Inigo Villa-Lobos Ramirez IV



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