Rise of the RuneLords

The Assault on Thistletop is Put into Motion

Thistletop Assault Planning

We are faced with an interesting situation. The Thistletop stronghold is located on a small island connected to the coast by a flimsy wooden plank and rope bridge. The bridge is covered by 8 goblin archers and 4 roving goblin commandos riding goblin dogs. We scouted the bridge and goblin caves very well and Durrum created a small map to assist us with our assault plans.


Diversion and Indirect Route

We agreed the bridge to Thistletop island was the most direct route and most likely a dangerous one – we did not relish the idea of an 80’ fall into the coastal waters. An indirect route to the island was preferred as we planned to gain surprise or at least some advantage on the fort defenders. We decided to explore the 70’ deep hole located in the goblin caverns as a way to get to the island.

We heard guttural noises welling up from the darkness as we proceeded to drop 2 goblin and a goblin dog body into the hole – we waited. A series of disgusting gnawing and thrashing sounds rose from the darkness and then all was quiet. Sethanon was lowered by rope into the hole by BlackJack, DaBomb and Fidalgo. As Sethanon passed the into a larger cavern area a great howl thundered up from the darkness and instantly panicked Fidalgo and BlackJack. Both Fidalgo and Blackjack dropped the rope and quickly exited the goblin cavern. We also learned very quickly we needed a refresher course on how to tie off a rope.

Sethanon viewed a vicious looking creature called a Bunyip, fast in the water, agile for its size, a mouth filled with many teeth, and a horrendous howl.


Bunyip Lair

The assault on the Bunyip lair took its toll on our group. 2 of our companions were panicked and the remaining members at some point all fell into the bunyip lair. The lair proved difficult for fighting due to the amount of swimming and treading of water that was needed. The bunyip was in its element due to its swim and stealth ability. We inflicted some damage on the creature and forced it to retreat out an underwater cavern towards the island. We lost Rumpus when he stumbled upon the Bunyip and was sent back to his home plane. Enderby mourned the loss of his Eidolon and countered with summoning a water elemental which killed the beast. We regained our composure as Sethanon located and gathered treasure scattered about the lair. Most of the coins were found in the water. We rested, we healed up, we gathered our 100’ rope and decided to use the southern lair exit to swim to the island.

Swimming and Treading Water

Blackjack and Sethanon made the original swim to the island to scout the fort and island. We were clad in light armor and were able to make the difficult swim to the island. We scouted the area and communicated with our group by firing a note on an arrow. Dabomb, Fidalgo, and Durrum proceeded to swim the same route with Dabomb and Fidalgo leaving behind their heavier armor. The swim was not easy for this group. Wet, exhausted and cold we regrouped on the backside of the island to form our assault.

Assault on the Defenders -

Enderby and Mezzano came from the bridge side to distract the tower archers and they successfully navigated the bridge by running across one at time. Sethanon, climbed on the fort and attacked the archers on the southern tower. Dabomb climbed up and attacked the archers on the north tower. Durrum, BlackJack, and Fidalgo flanked around the base of the fort and attacked the goblin dogs and commands guarding the bridge and front door.

The battle was long and complicated but it went our way. The tower attackers Seth and Dabomb broke the concentration of the archers and were able to make opportunistic melee attacks. Enderby summoned a small earth elemental to melee with the goblin dogs and commands and then summoned an air elemental to help on the towers. Mezzano used his magic and fighting skills to weight into the battle. Durrum found his way around the northern corner of the stronghold and was faced with a sheer drop, he navigated the drop and engaged in melee from his location. We had a good plan that disrupted the goblins defenses and opened up opportunity attacks and flanking.

Fidalgo fought his way to the front door and ensured that no other defenders would come out to join the battle.

In the end we captured one of the archers, and began an interrogation to gain information. Fidalgo set his tower shield against the front door to keep defenders inside as we plan our next assault.


Post any additional notes you want to see added to the summary and I will add


Great post George! Thanks for writing it up!


Could you add, for the record, that Rumpus stumbled upon the wounded Bunyip and got knocked back to his home plane. A conjured water elemental eventually killed it. Also, the entire party needs to take a course in securing our rope to a heavy object!


Matt – added. Be sure to add Rumpus to the character list as an NPC so I can link him.


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