Rise of the RuneLords

The Adventure Begins

We found ourselves in the quiet yet robust town of Sandpoint the day before the annual Swallowtail festival.

Was it fate, a desire for riches, or a need for adventure that 4 humans, a Dwarf, and a fuzzy red dog-like creature name Rumpus formed a fellowship. We have diverse talents, personalities, and backgrounds but struck up a friendship and common bond as we discussed the recent goblin incursions around the city. Our company consisted of

BlackJack LeBlanc
Durrum Grumblestone
Mezzano “The Judge” Corgano

Introductions were courteous, and straightforward – we wanted to hunt goblins. With the town preparing for the Swallowtail Festival we decided to spend the night and partake in the festivities. Sheriff Belor Hemlock asked our group to help support him in keeping order during the festival. We agreed to break-up fights and move any drunks away from the families enjoying the festival.

The turnout for the festival was nothing short of fantastic. Families, visitors, and food vendors all turned out on this glorious day. Sheriff Hemlock and Father Abstalar Zantus kicked-off the noon festivities with speeches. During one of the speeches a shrill chanting and screeching sound went up within and around the crowd. That sound was very distinct to several of us, goblins were near, they had numbers, and they were here to cause trouble.

The goblins moved in and among the crowd very quickly, stirring up terror, yelling their chant, dodging, and were hard to spot as we prepared to engage. As the crowd panicked, and thinned out, our targets became easier to spot. Working efficiently with bow, melee, and the arcane arts, our group took out 9 goblin fighters and a war chanter near the cathedral.

Enderby remained in contact with the Sheriff Belor with his communication magic. We were informed that goblins were attacking north of our position. We moved north and encountered additional fighters, a goblin commander and a several goblin dogs. We witnessed pets being killed by the goblins, carts and buildings being ransacked, and citizens being terrorized and attacked. We move quickly to engage this group as a local merchant/citizen was caught in the fighting.

Again, working together our group took out this group of goblin dogs, fighters and a commander. It was no entirely clear what the goblins intentions were. Perhaps this was a preraid or probing attacking to determine the town’s readiness. Perhaps it was a rogue group of goblins splintered off from a main group. Maybe they were after supplies, foodstuffs, or just wanted to raise some hell. BlackJack LeBlancwas not able to determine the tribe of this raiding party.

After we routed the goblins we helped secure the city as the area was cleaned up and goblin bodies were removed and most likely burned outside of town as a warning. We searched the bodies for any intelligence as well as any items we could utilize. We then sought assistance from High Priest Zantus to cure some of the wounds we received.

The aristocrat we saved Aldern Foxglove was very grateful. We were not able to save Aldern’s pet but we moved him to safety. Ameiko Kaijitsu was grateful for our assistance and offered us the hospitality of the Rusty Dragon with a free week of accommodations.


Nice! I can’t tell who wrote this, though. George? The priest is named Abstalar Zantus.

The Adventure Begins

Thank Matt. Guys feel free to add comments under the updates or add your own updates.

The Adventure Begins

Also, we rescued an aristocrat named Aldern Foxglove. Can you add a wiki for him? And where are you getting those character portraits? Looks good.

The Adventure Begins

Updated – added Aldern.

The Adventure Begins

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