Rise of the RuneLords

Seven Deadly Sins

The First Sin: Wrath

First thing we level up and do some business in town. We sell off our excess loot & goblin ears, and stock up on half-price healing potions at the temple (thanks Blackjack). We deposit Ameiko in the cathedral, and Durrum dutifully agrees to nurture her back to full health at the expense of some xp. The rest of us assemble into marching order and set off into the goblin tunnels. We warn the town guard to keep watch over the glassworks in case we don’t come back alive, or in case we get distracted by some shiny side-quest dungeon down there…

We follow the well-traveled tunnel as it traces under the city. It seems to pass under the main military building (the armory or barracks?), and continues on in that direction. However, we also encounter a dusty side passage with a scant few “longshanks” footprints coming and going. Curious, we enter the tangent. Almost immediately, the spellcasters experience an intense magical field, manifested as an emotion: wrath.

Unable to resist the lure of buried treasure (Mezzano was salivating), we decide to poke around a bit before continuing after the (frankly destitute) goblins. We smooth over some dust at the intersection (to see if any war parties will pass us by) and investigate the weird magical field. And thus we encounter our promised “deadly sin”.

After a few twists and turns, we come upon a trio of demons. They are identified as “ Sinspawn”, and their successful strike may cause the victim to be overwhelmed by crippling thoughts of wrath. Battle is joined and the heroes of Sandpoint are victorious. Still curious, we explore deeper and find a storeroom filled with long-broken pottery and provisions.


Next comes the entrance to a defiled temple dedicated to wrath. We find a red statue of Queen Alaznist, one of the seven ancient Runelords (each associated with a deadly sin). She stands boldly in the entrance, weilding an adamantine ranseur in one hand and holding a sculpted book in the other. We disarm her and cross the threshold.


Another side passages (we like those) leads to a small shrine room. There is a black altar with a bowl of muddy fluid. We inspect all of this but leave them alone. More interesting is a double door adorned with the pure symbol of wrath. Fidalgo urges everyone to stand back, braces himself, and opens the door.

…And stumbles into the main temple and the climax of this side-quest! A quasit mini-boss (Erylium) sneers a challenge to the intruder, and Fidalgo tries to bluff that he’s looking for the latrine. The quasit hisses and drips some of her blood into an orange pool of the raised Sanctuary; three sinspawns emerge. As if that wasn’t enough, the quasit then gates in a pair of Lemure Devils. Desperate battle is joined.


The heroes hold their lines while Mezzano and Enderby fling magical inconveniences into the foray. Dabomb, Blackjack and Rumpus wear down the troops, while Fidalgo absorbs many of the boss’s magical attacks (a witch’s brew of hold person, curses, and at-will invisibility). Finally pressing forward, Fidalgo erupts onto the Sanctuary and swings wildly at the Quasit. She ignores him, and focuses on the engagements down on the main floor.

Angry at being snubbed, Fidalgo whips IT out and whizzes into the orange pool (Thus diplomacy has probably been removed from the table). The Quasit wails in fury and thrashes at the fighter. Fortunately her backup troops have dissolved and she is quickly surrounded by the party. Without warning she seems to disappear, leaving the party in control of the Sanctuary. We take a breather and begin to plan for the inevitable arrival of reinforcements.


Just a note that Mezzano had found in his Book Club. Each Runelord was a master of one of the Sins which eventually turned into what is now the current day schools of magic. Wrath magic, as it was referred to, became the school of Evocation.

During the session there were mention of ‘the queen’ and ‘the mother’. You are assuming they were referring to Alaznist but being called a queen would have insulted her as all the Runelords were closing in on immortality and Demi-god level before the Earthfall.

Seven Deadly Sins

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