Rise of the RuneLords

Sandpoint - More Than Meets the Eye

Boneyard Crypt

While resting for the evening, we were approached by Sheriff Belor and two guards. One of the crypts in the cemetery behind the cathedral (called the Boneyard) had been broken into. Sheriff Belor and Father Zantus were very concerned and asked us to investigate.

We approached the vandalized crypt, and Durrum immediately noticed goblin tracks around the Crypt of Father Ezakien Tobyn a long respected priest of Sandpoint. The heavy stone door on this 10×20 crypt was off its hinges. Durrun and Fidalgo made the first move into the crypt and they encountered several undead – skeletons and zombies.

The undead were not tough but our weapons were not fully effective. After taking out the undead we found the crypt empty, someone or thing had removed the body of Father Tobyn.

A dark cloak was found on the floor of the crypt, it had an aura pf necromancy magic, and appeared to be used up. Mezzano “The Judge” Corgano believed it to be a robe of bones. We discovered tracks around the crypt and they lead of north from the crypt but they were 12 hour or more old.

Mass Murder

We learned about a wave of mass murder from Belor involving Jervas Stoot, who was a woodman and also known as The Chopper. Jervas built a house and long steep staircase on Chopper’s isle which is located north of the light house. The townsfolk ripped up the steep staircase on the island and burned down his house.

Swallowtail Festival


While attending the ending ceremonies of the Swallowtail festival Enderby caught the eye of Shayliss Vinder. Shayliss asked for assistance with some rats in her father’s store. Things got a little too frisky in the basement and when her father Ven investigated Enderby had to make a fast exit. Shayliss and her sister KatrineOur reputation took a bit of a hit in town as the gossip pump was fully primed.

Time to Lay Low

As the Enderby fling was making its way around town we decided to investigate an old lighthouse. The old light house had been there for a millennium and was damaged and in bad shape. There was nothing of interest in the old light house. Durrum confirmed the lighthouse had sunk by swimming below the structure.

Aldern Foxglove/Boar Hunt


Later that day while relaxing we found our friend Aldern Foxglove. We shared some drinks and then Fidalgo and Durrum took to some hagfish drinking. The next day we traveled to tickwood and did some boar hunting. Aldern was surprised how well we did hunting boars from horseback. A pair of boars attacked and they became breakfast, lunch and dinner. The boar meet was cooked down into a soup and Ameiko and her father had an argument – we delivered some soup to the Mayor.

Barrett Family Home

A family asked us to check out their home and we found a dead human (Alagast Barrett) with his face chewed off and we found a goblin living in a hole in one of the back bedrooms. After subduing the goblin we interrogated him and received some good information. After the interrogation we heard that “she was here” that turned out to be Shalelu Andosana, and elven warrior and hunter of goblins.

Later that night while sleeping at the rusty dragon Ameiko’s servant brings us a letter.


Great, George! Thanks for doing this. It was a complicated session.

I wonder about the submerged tower …. did the building collapse long ago, or did the sea levels rise?

One day, Shayliss Vinder, we shall be together!


Really a nice job George! And as Matt stated, it was a pretty complicated session with lots of name dropping.

As far as the tower Matt, I believe it just sunk into the ground. Perhaps this was after those magics that made the new sea, but I thought those events happened not that long ago? The one where the continent was cut in half to make two of them?

Anyways, great session Perry! Thanks for hosting.


You receive 700xp for the different encounters and situations you resolved.

Durrum and Fidalgo receive a Hero Point for the role playing of the Hagfish Challenge and surviving the challenge.


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