Rise of the RuneLords

Nualia's Farewell

After taking some time the Heroes of Sandpoint find a secret door leading down to level two of the Thistletop dungeon complex. This level is sculpted from the same ancient stone as the tower in Sandpoint but the floor is pitched at a 20 – 30 degree angle. You encounter a magical trap after exploring the 1st room filled with statues of a man that you believe is Karzoug the Claimer (Rune Lord of Greed). Karzoug_the_Claimer.png The trap foils Fidalgo as he falls into a 15’ pit and the hatch closes as the trap resets. Seth vaults across the pit and moves to a pair of doors at the end of the hall. The group struggles to find a way to release Fidalgo from the pit without activating the trap again. Seth opens the northern door to find Nualia and her pet Yeth hounds. An epic battle ensues as spells are cast, melee attacks made, Nualia growing weak moves into the wall to heal and continue the battle. Durrum’s battle axe is shattered during the battle, Mezzano gets a critical hit on his magic fire against one of the yeth hounds. This in turned summoned a medium fire elemental that was crucial in the battle as it took a number of attacks away from the heroes. Fidalgo continued to play Mario Bros. in the pit as the battle came to a conclusion with the heroes victorious but battered and some near death. You are awarded 700xp for the session (Freeing goblin wives, Nursery, Trap, Nualia and Hounds). Hero Points were awarded during session – can’t remember the details on this.

You find the following on Nualia and in the room:
Breastplate +1
Bastard Sword +1
MW Composite Longbow
Sihedron Medallion
Gold Holy Symbol of Lamashtu
70pp, 50gp

The room is lined with old books, scrolls, teeth, bones, scrimshaw artwork, and various other items from this level. It looks like Nualia was trying to create a timeline of events based on the books and scrolls found. It would take Mezzano a few hours to decipher in order to make a knowledge check of these items. The strong ancient evil presence still exists.

Some of you are ready to level. Some need to rest. Durrum needs an axe. What are your next steps.


Actually I don’t think any hero points were awarded…

Nualia's Farewell

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