Rise of the RuneLords

Magnimar - City of Monuments

Enderby's Peculiar Request

Upon returning from the Foxglove Manor investigation (The Misgivings) it is brought to Enderby’s attention that the last founding father of the Mercantile League, Ethram Valdemar, has passed away. He was definitely well respected amongst the people of Sandpoint. The following are high points from the last two sessions:

  • The heroes started to rent horses to visit Magnimar to sell off some spoils and to track down some leads found at Foxglove Manor.
    • Before setting off Father Zantus, very nervously, tracks down Enderby at the stables and asks him to accompany him to the Sandpoint Cathedral (just Enderby) right away.
    • Ioemelde Valdemar is kneeling next to her husband’s body upon the alter, Ethram has passed away. Ioemelde asks Enderby a favor – to perform the Tandor Welk ritual. Enderby accepts.
    • Father Zantus lets him know that this is very unusual and he is not aware this has ever been done before. He shares what he knows of the ritual with Enderby and basically says “Good luck with that”.
    • Enderby interprets this religious ritual as the following (suppose to be done by eldest son, daughter, or brother based on surviving family members). (Day 1 – Brief family and grieve, Day 2 – Announce to extended family and loved ones, Day 3 – build bridges with someone done wrong, Day 4 – Share good faith with unfortunate, Day 5 – Final visit with friends, Day 6 – Lay to Rest ceremony, Day 7 – entrust the wish of the widowed)
    • Enderby lets the party know he can’t attend the trip to Magnimar. Fidalgo elects to stay back to help where needed. Enderby can’t explain why as he must break the news to the family first and then to the rest of Sandpoint (day 2).
    • As Mezzano, DaBomb, Blackjack, and Connor the squire starts to head out of town Sheriff Hemlock catches them in the nick of time and says the Lord Mayer of Magnimar has requested their presence right away.
    • Enderby accomplishes the first two days of goals (he can create a fun write up of what transpired). Working on day 3 which he has the bow that was involved in the accident that led to Titus Scarnetti’s little brother being shot and killed by Ethram on a hunting trip.
    • Fidalgo and Heroes exchange notes taken by courier. Fidalgo decides to rejoin the heroes
    • Fidalgo finds out the true intention of Iomelde Valdemar – wants to sit on the Mercantile League representing the family instead of Brevin – wants Enderby to help with securing votes from the other families to do this (she went through the reasons).
    • The heroes find out from lord Mayer Grobaras that the same murders have been happening in Magnimar – sounds like they started weeks prior to the Sandpoint murders. Bodies have been mutilated, faces cut off, and all have the seven pointed star carved in the victim’s chest.
    • Assigns his only available sentry Taynar to take them around the city. Trade is being affected by these murders as they seem random, beggars, bankers, gamblers, politicians have all been murdered. Lord Mayer heard that they solved the same type of problem in Sandpoint and wants them to do the same as this is starting to affect him politically. Promised a big reward if accomplished.
    • Gives Blackjack a note on help that may be available for them
    • Note refers Blackjack to visit the Mystic Fortunes shop and has the seal of the Lord Mayer for trust purposes. Heroes have no idea where this is in Magnimar – Fidalgo on way and from Magnimar.
    • Heroes find Pug’s Contraptions store – bird cage producer. With a bride he gives insight to the murder rumors and states he made about six of these and that Iesha and Aldern have both been around the shop over the last 2 – 3 days looking for him to make some chandeliers– interesting as you encountered Iesha as a Revenant in Foxglove manor along with killing Aldern (the Skinsaw Man) over a week ago.
    • Group finds Mystic Fortunes and Rustine Cloudshine, an eccentric gnome – is there any other?, He smells Blackjack then reviews the note from the Lord Mayer. He then leads Blackjack to a hidden room with a crystal ball and two gauntlets molded to the ball. Each put their hands in and after 45 minutes (seems like seconds to Blackjack) they head to a back room and Cloudshine explains his unique powers of predictive magic. He says it’s 90% accurate – the other 10% he feels is correct it’s just the customer didn’t survive to come back. He pulls down 4 +1 Bane Arrows (Monstrous Humanoid) and says that these will be needed shortly. Blackjack purchases them and they start to head to Foxglove Townhome
    • Heroes jumped by 4 Faceless Stalkers in front of Foxglove Townhome. Faceless Stalkers had murdered four newly recruited sentries and took their place.
    Other Notes:
    Mezzano realizes that the signatory of the note to Aldern Foxglove (Xanesha) was mentioned numerous times in the tome he was able to read through. Through interpretation Mezzano thought Xanesha and Lucrecia were magical items the Karzoug possessed to help rule as they were referred to many times. He now understands these were people – not sure how they have survived all these centuries later (questions the authenticity).



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