Rise of the RuneLords

Greased up and ready to go

The heroes of Sandpoint take a day to sleep in and shop around town. Durrum and Fidalgo put out a request to meet with the mysterious agents who are coveting our Thassalonian coins. We loiter at the Hagfish hoping to see them, but they never show.

… at least, not there! Across town, Mezzano is leaving his ancient history book club when he gets jumped by a couple of darkly dressed bad guys. One of them is speaking in drow. Fortunately, Mezzano wasn’t carrying the ancient coins with him, and he escaped with his life. The ninja took a few CLW potions and Mezzano’s book of ancient evil monsters.

Back in the bar, we meet a new fellow, Sethanon, a rogue/druid who knows a little about our plight. He says some wealthy family in Magnimar is coveting our coins, and we’re in their crosshairs. We invite this Sethanon to join us (even though we know shockingly little about his intentions and background).

Mezzano chimes in to the rest of the group: “I can promise you. If I see those dark elves again, I’m going to smash them on the head. And then after they take the CLW potions they stole from me, I’m going to smash them on the head a second time.”

We buy some greasy salves that should help us wade through the bristles and thorns between Sandpoint and Thistletop. We apply the grease to each other and Sethanon wonders “What the hell kind of party did I just join?” We vote to take the overland route to Thistletop and head out on foot.

Our two rangers and the druid help us find our way … With Sethanon scouting, we arrive at a goblin strongpoint. This starts a pretty big brawl with a few mounted Thistletop goblin commandos and a group of goblins from a different tribe. A warchanter tricks us with a silent image spell, but our fighters get in a solid groove and dispatch the goblins handily. One Thistletop gobo lets out a warning tone on his goblin horn, and another flees the battle on his dog.

We knock out one of the goblins, remove ears from the dead ones, and head out. We kinda left the unconscious goblin behind, forgetting to interrogate him. Soon we find ourselves in a network of thorny tunnels, too short for us to stand up properly. In the next area we find a deep shaft leading to a sea cave. After that, we walk into a kennel filled with goblin dogs. That battle goes very well for us. Around the corner is more movement, and we prepare to fight another foe.


Also need to point out: Enderby brought a gift to Ven Vinder, the owner of the Sandpoint general store. With an incredibly high diplomacy roll, Enderby was able to patch things over with Ven. We no longer have a diplomacy penalty with Sandpoint folks.

Greased up and ready to go

Thanks for the update! Though, I thought we removed the ears off all the dead goblins, not all the living ones, lol.

Greased up and ready to go

You are correct, oh wise Mezzano! I’ve edited the update to fix that. Wow, I have a lot of jobs that I’m avoiding at work today.

Greased up and ready to go

Nice job all! I thought that initial horde would be more challenging and you cleaned them up pretty fast. But that’s good as the extra hit points saved will be needed next session.

You receive 950 XP for the session. BlackJack receives a Hero Point (idea on splitting/hiding coins) and Durrum for dispatching one of my main villains in one shot (enjoy as it won’t happen again). I really had hoped the group encountered the Ninjas as I think it would have been a great battle but it worked out that their target voluntarily separated from the group……

I’ll schedule next weeks gaming. Let’s go if we have at least 5 PC’s that can make it.

Greased up and ready to go

Nice write-up on the adventure Matt and good work last week as we encountered a large group of goblins.

Greased up and ready to go

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