Rise of the RuneLords

Goblin Caves, Creepy Dark Holes, and One Funky Bridge

Our band continued with a cautious purpose as we explored the nettles and briar caves inhabited by the goblins. The movement was slowed as we moved in areas with a maximum clearance of 4’ or less.

Fidalgo lead the way with torch and tower shield, BlackJack and Durrum followed as we covered him with long bow and axe. Mezzano was ever vigilant and ready to unleash his magic.

We entered a T intersection and quickly spotted filtered sunlight coming in from the left corridor, we decided to move down the right cooridor. After inspecting a nest area that contained cat fur and small cat tracks Fidalgo cast some torch light into the next room and immediately entered a parlay discussion in goblin. Fidalgo made every effort to convince the goblin negotiator that we were to be trusted as well as perhaps the goblins savior – this was to no avail.

The master will have his way with you – leave now, pretty strong words for a goblin. We moved back to the T intersection and moved towards the filtered sunlight and once outside discovered a wood and rope-bridge leading to what was a large wooden fortress on an island. The bridge spanned 80’ above the coastal waters to a small island. The bridge swayed back and forth in the breeze and was most definitely build for small nimble creatures.


The fortress had walls at least 20’ high and 2 towers were visible what stood 30’. Goblin dogs, goblin riders, and archers were positioned on and around the fortress. The 5’ wide bridge was roughly 70 to 80 long made of wood, and rope, and it contained NO rope railing or handholds.

The goblins could clearly see us and did not make any attempts to engage us with their bows. The commanders continue to yell out – hold to the troops and they held their ground near the fortress.

We re-entered the caverns while Durrum watched the bridge and began to cut one of the bridge ropes. We encountered some laughter from the group that parlayed with Fidalgo and we decided to enter and take care of business. We encountered the goblin leader of the Mosswood tribe by the name of Gogmourt. He was escorted by several additional goblin commandos and a well-trained and dangerous animal cougar companion named tangletooth.

Our first thought was that Rumpus had turned traitor and decided to side with the goblins as the cougar proved to be a worthy opponent fighter. Fidalgo moved in to the middle of the battle and forced the goblins hand. After several rounds of melee, range, and magic combat the leader of the Mosswood tribe fell. He appeared to be a druid of some power.

We moved the group back into the cavern area and we re-inspected the dark deep hole that lead to the water. We battled a large contingent of seven tooth tribe goblins who appears to be corralled up or hiding in one area of the cave. We cut through them very easily in the confined space of the cave. Several goblins tried to rush past us, and the 2 that did exited the cave only to be killed by arrows fired by the goblins from the fortress island. Fidalgo stood in the doorway to investigate and he took 3 arrows from a volley of 11. We had an idea to drop a few of the goblin bodies in the dark hole explored by Seth, and after hearing some eating sounds it became quiet.

The group agreed the bridge looked too inviting for us to just move across. The goblins were toying with us – firing arrows at the goblins and Fidalgo when they were away from the bridge, with no such reaction when near the bridge.

We exited the cave the same way we entered and Durrum climbed down the cliffs to near the coastal shore. We found a cave that we believe will lead towards or come near the hole from the cavern. We ended for the night.


Great update, thanks George! One thing though, I believe it was a volley of 11 arrows that were shot at Fidalgo? no matter, still a great update and it made us seem pretty bad arse with all the goblin killing. Go us!


Tanglethooth, huh? You call that a fearsome companion? We should have had a fight between Rumpus and this little cat. I’m sure Michael Vick could have helped us keep track of the bets.


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