Rise of the RuneLords

Fort Assault, Ripnugget, and a Discussion on Tactics and Next Steps

The Assault on the Fort

We took down the forts outer defenses and secured the towers and the front doors. Sethanon moved along the roof line and detected and investigated a loud muffled banging sound coming from the fort – Seth was not able to determine the source of the sound. Trap doors located in the floors of each tower presented a good opportunity to probe the fort. We weighed down the East tower trap door with goblin archer bodies and blocked the front doors with goblin commando and dog bodies. We planned to probe the fort from the West tower.

The goblin archer we interrogated provide some details on the fort layout – a kennel, barracks, trophy room, and throne room were roughly sketched out for the group. Sethanon, Fidalgo, and BlackJack started the probe of the fort from the south tower. A ladder leading down 20’+ down from the tower floor, we moved slowly and carefully. The area was dark and lighting was needed.

Rooms in the fort generally consisted of packed dirt floor, with well construction wooden walls consisting of driftwood used from ships found along the coast. Doors were random, some were locked, some were open, and others were jammed and needed superior strength to open.

DaBomb, Enderby, Durrum, and Mezzano made their way into the tight quarters of the tower.

Kennel – 8 goblin dogs were encountered in this area with loud barking – we backed out of the kennel area. Later we find additional doors in this and several dead goblins who appeared to be trampled by a hoofed creature. Upon return to the kennel we find a half starved and thirsty Shadowmist horse – the group offered water, grain found in the store room, and also use animal charm and wild empathy to calm the creature. We were able to lead the majestic creature to the trophy room and out the front door to graze.

Front Hall/Trophy Room – encountered several goblins in the main entrance area. The trophy room had a number of dog and horse heads as well as large wing or wings. The goblin battle was short lived and one tried to exit the front door. We found a dagger with a pearl handle and what appears to be harpy wings on the wall.

Barracks – the barracks area was off the main hall and contained filthy bedding.

Stairs Down – Sethanon found a set of stairs off the barracks leading below the fort, we noted this area on our map.

Throne room area – off the stair area we found the throne room. The throne room was covered in furs and pelts and had several trophies on the wall. The throne was on a raised area and there sat the leader Ripnugget. The room has 4 large pillars and the room is fairly open like the trophy room. Ripnugget starts a discussion while is mounts what appears to be a large lizard like creature. Sethanon, Fidalgo and Blackjack begin to enter the throne room and goblin commandos begin to drop from each pillar.

Melee begins in earnest. Ripnugget continues with the verbal taunts of attacks on SandPoint and also showed his skills of riding his animal companion Stickfoot. When Ripnugget and his creature climbs the wall we are caught by surprise. By this time the entire group is in the throne room. Durrun, Mezzano, and Enderby focus on trying to detect where the magic is coming from that is hindering our group – we suspect a warchanter is in the area but well hidden.

We knockoff the commandos in short fashion, and then take down the gecko and finally ripnugget. The warchanter is the last to go down as he is hiding behind the throne area. We find a set of keys on Rignugget as well as several other items.

Exploration of the Fort

We return to the kennel and using food product found in the storage area we coax the goblin dogs out of the kennel. We find a series of locked doors on this level of the fort and the keys found on Ripnugget allow us access.

We found the following as we explored the fort -

Rignuggets bedroom
Meat Storage room
Grain Storage room
Privy – with a secret door
Secret door to treasure room – large chest found with coin and items – we will keep the chest here for now
2nd Set of stairs leading down

While we were resting we recounted our battle tactics and strategy and discussed how adjust our strategies in the future. We must decide on what to do next.


Thanks George for doing this post! I think the goblin king’s lizard mount was called Stickyfoot? And man that guy had some great riding feats, eh? Well, great for him and bad for us.


Yep, I really enjoyed the last game session.


Nicely done – looked bleak until Ripnugget was dismounted. You each receive a Hero Point (Durrum – bowshot, Seth – lockpicking and dog avoidance, Da Bomb – dismounting Ripnugget, Mezzano – fire assault, Fidalgo – taking the frontal assault of Ripnugget and BigTongue, Blackjack for keeping dog door closed during combat, Enderby – cheerleading and wolfie).

You get 2085xp for the session.


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