Rise of the RuneLords

Erylium Strikes Back!

Cathedral of Wrath Massacre

The Heroes of Sandpoint survive an epic battle against Erylium and Koruvus (goblin chieftain of the Seven Tooth tribe in Shank’s Wood) and their allies. The battle was not without loss as both Fidalgo and Da’Bomb fell during the massacre. The heroes hurried back (sort of) to the Sandpoint cathedral for healing from Father Zantus and let him know of the hidden caves and catacombs.

erylium.jpg Things you found out:

  • The catacombs and cathedral was built by the followers of Runelord Alaznist a long time ago.
  • It seems the followers of Lamashtu have taken over the catacombs.
  • Erylium seems to have figured out how to use the ancient cold lava runewell to create Sinspawn.
  • The runewell seems to be powered by souls from slayed evil/wrathful beings.
  • A mutated Koruvus had joined Erylium but not sure for what?koruvus.png
  • There is still areas of the catacombs unexplored.
  • Quasit witches are a bitch to kill…..

You gain 1350 experience point and a Hero Point.



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